Mixed Collagen with Acaiberry Powder Drink
Nutritional Support for Your Bones & Joints Health + Beauty

The Uniqueness of YoungStory.
YoungStory contains collagen hydrolysate and high antioxidant ingredients, that help to rejuvenate, rebuild and repair our body.
It is an excellent choice to build a strong foundation of health not only for your skeletal system, but as well as your skin with the uniqueness of:
– Fast absorption.
– High Antioxidant
– No steroid.
– Effective.
Cares for Your Bones & Joints, as Well as Your Beauty

Benefits of YoungStory
– Enhances synthesis of collagen.
– Anti-aging.
– Rebuilds cartilage.
– Strengthen bones.
– Relieves joint pain.
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
– Promotes healthy hair and nails.
– Increases alertness and energy.
– Improves skin elasticity and suppleness.

Who Should Use YoungStory?
– Actively involved in sport.
– High risk in getting arthritis and osteoporosis.
– Eager in youthful looking complexion.

Recommended Usage:
– 1 sachet per day. Consume before breakfast.