Botanical Beverage Mix with Pueraria Mirifica and Manjakani

The Uniqueness of LadyRose.
LadyRose suitable to all female to maintain women health and beauty by restoring female hormones balance.

Benefits of LadyRose
– Restore female hormones level.
– Reduce menopause symptoms.
– Cell activation and cell repair.
– Relieving menstrual.
– Treat vaginal discharge.
– Prevent aging.
– Breast firming.
– Improve the function of the vaginal compaction.
– Improves sexual dysfunction.
– Improve skin elasticity.

Who Should Use LadyRose?
– Female facing menstrual pain.
– Postpartum female.
– Female with sexual dysfunction.
– Female with vagina dryness.
– Female with loose vagina.
– Post-menopause female.

Recommended Usage:
– Two sachets daily for the first week.
– One sachet daily thereafter.