Towards A Healthy & Energetic Life!
Powerful Nutritious Juice for Long Term Wellness..

The Uniqueness of GreenStory.
GreenStory is combined the most healthful fruits and natural botanical extracts into one nutritional beverage.
1. Natural Ingredients
Contains 12 natural botanical ingredients.
2. High Antioxidant
Rich in phytonutrients which act as antioxidant to protect our cells against free radicals.
3. Biotechnology Product
Using standardized extracts to guarantees consistent dosage strength from on batch of the product to the next. To assure benefits of the product with the maximum efficacy, safety and purity.
4. Quality Assurance
PhytoAssay is stringent quality control system, to ensure the products are controlled by proprietary chemical standard (consistent active components) and biological standard (consistent level of biological activities).

Benefits of GreenStory
– Anti-aging.
– Anti-inflammation.
– Improves liver health.
– Improves digestive health.
– Increases energy for vitality.
– Enhances immune system.
– Supports cardiovascular health.
– Supports healthy vision and skin.
– Restores pH balance in our body.
– Protects against chronic diseases.

Who Should Use GreenStory?
– Teenagers.
– Elderly.
– Smoker.
– Fatigue easily.
– Insufficient fruits & vegetables.
– Busy.
– Stress.

Recommended Usage:
– 2 days 1 sachet (alternate day).
– For children under 12 years old, 1/4 sachet per day.
– Dissolve 1 sachet GreenStory into 100~150ml of water (cold or room temperature).