Founded in Malaysia and commenced operation on August 2012. NEXUS LEGEND is the company that is going to rewrite the lives of many through its most rewarding networking business model.

NEXUS LEGEND creates the most competitive and growing environment for all ours ambitious business partners as they propel themselves to accomplish much fulfilling lives through the excellent “HOME to INTERNATIONAL” business opportunity provided by us.

NEXUS LEGEND distributes high quality products based on anti-aging concept, aspires to help our consumers achieve overall wellness to overcome health and beauty problems caused by pressure of modern living.


  • Responsible towards our customers by providing them high quality products and services.
  • Providing the best marketing plan, education and training programs for our business partners.
  • Creating a conducive environment for our staff to unleash their leadership potential to the fullest.
  • Providing the best management in order for our shareholders to gain the highest return on investment.
  • Contributing to society by operating the company with integrity, fair play and professionalism.

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